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    LANDesk Agent SP3 for Macintosh


      We are using the LANDesk ver.9 and upgrade to SP3.  Now, I rebuild the agent for Macintosh.  I have installed to the OSX Lion.  Now, my qustion is after I installed the latest agent.  The CBA version is still shown but the rest of components are  I tried to completely removed from machine and reinstall it.  But it is the same.  Kindly advise that it is normal or not.  Thanks.






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          That is normal. CBA is used across all supported OSes and is only built/reversioned when it is changed. You have the version you should have with the SP3 agent.

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            zman Master

            So Snowman is correct, however, I wish that LANDesk would create an inventory field(s) for true client version, SP level, and post patches. Most of us use inventory scanner to dictate version, but that occasionally can be a little misleading.  You could create a query with all the elements and version to determine compliance but it can be somewhat time consuming and the vulnerabilities are sometimes a little short.


            One place for a user to go to see what version, SP, Post Patch is installed. I bet this would make support happy to