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      Is it possible to get the daskboards to show the total of a field in a query for webdesk


      I know this can be done by using the agregates in console but I need to be able to just show the total of a field in webdesk. This can be in any of the Panels or will I have to create an external webpage running an SQL script to get this value?

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          While logged into webdesk, right click, add new gadget, count queries, select appropriate module and object, select querie(s)

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            Hi, this just totals the number of instances brought back, I need to total all the numbers in one field on an object. I've had a look at the properties but can't find anything



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              Hi Brian


              I don't believe that dashboard queries can achieve what it is that you wish.  They don't have smarts behind them, for adding up various fields etc.  For this I think you need to turn to a reporting tool, such as Crystal Reports or similar.  In my case (where we need to total dollar amounts and time spent by analysts etc), we are using SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) for this, and so I have a URL link on my dashboard which takes the user to the SSRS server.