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    HTML-Field is not correct displayed in console




      i'm running Servciedesk 7.4., a few days ago i've created a new field which is displayed on the Incident-Window.


      Opening the Window on directly on the Server the field is displayed correctly and looks linke in the pictrue below:



      Opening the same window on my clients, the field showes like this:



      I've just deleted it from the window and putted it on agian, but the effect is still the same.


      Does anybody know what's wrong with this field?





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          I've seen that effect before when some client installation files were not copied by the package builder used to build a package from the LDSD MSI files.  You can confirm if that is the problem - manually install the console client PC by running the setup.  If you don't get the problem, then there is something wrong with the package used to do the automatic installation.