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    Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) with Mobile Web Access 7.5

    jasoncadman Expert



      Just wondering if anyone has this working as yet?


      We seem to be having issues aroung the generation of the Actions\Collections pages which display the error below


      Blackberry error for Mobile Web Desk.JPG


      The tracking in the traffic logs suggest that it the BES MDS service that is at fault as am external version of the site (hosted at a LANDesk) site works fine


      There seems to be a problem with the stripping of application/json traffic (probably by BES MDS)


      The functionality internally is worse when compared to a Blackberry on OS version 5 (can't open an incident), poorly formatted landing page so it looks like it may be the same issue showing up differently


      Just wondered if anyone else has the Mobile Web Desk 7.5 working via a BES server or Blackberry version 5 or 6!


      The Mobile Web Desk works if I use an iPhone, Android  or a desktop browser