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    Unable to push drivers during PXE Boot


      I have a new PC that we are building an image for, and I have tried adding the NIC driver to the LANDesk HAL-Independent driver list, but when I PXE boot the image, the driver is not listed in the X:\InstalledDrivers folder, and the machine is unable to get an IP address and connect to the WINPE menu. This is the first time I'm adding new drivers for a new machine to Landesk, and I have captured and pushed images using existing drivers to all of our existing machines without any problems. I know I'm just missing something critical, just not sure what that something is.



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          Did you add the drivers to the WinPE Image or HII? If HII, these drivers are not accessed until after the imaged is placed. There is another option on that same toolbar to add drivers to the Windows PE Image. You can verify that the PE Image was updated by checking the modified date (\\core\ldmain\landesk\vboot\boot.wim)


          Also be sure to update your PXE rep(s) with the new image. This article has a script to just update the PXE rep instead of running an installation every time (http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-7619)


          Make sure you are injecting the correct OS drivers based on the version of LD you are on. Different versions of WinPE are used.

          LD v9 SP3- Windows 7 for WinPE 3.0

          LD v9 Pre-SP3- Windows Vista for WinPE2.1(2.0 also Vista)

          We started on LD9 so I am not sure about LD8 but I assume you need XP drivers.

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            Benjamin THIEN Specialist



            What is the model of your network card, or PC model and which version of windows do you want to install ?


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              I am trying to install NIC drivers for an HP 8200 Elite SFF PC. I am trying to use the drivers appropriate for the OS image I'm dropping, is that my problem? I'm using Windows 7 Pro x64 Intel NIC drivers. I have Landesk 9.00.0.

              473 Service Pack 2, does that mean I should be using Vista drivers?  The other issue is it seems like the PXE environment isn't grabbing the right image, or that the image isn't updating when I make changes. I mounted the image with imagex and changed the registry value to increase the size of the image to 256 MB in order to have room to manually inject drivers during startup, and that change didn't seem to take. I also manually copied the drivers into folders in X:\InstalledDrivers, and they didn't show up either. I beleive I did /commit to the image.


              I downloaded and placed the update script in the proper folder as well.

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                Be sure to use the 32-bit version of any driver you inject into your WinPE image. x64 drivers will not work. Also keep in mind that injecting drivers into winpe is separate from your HII library for deployed images.



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                  Yes, you should be using Vista (32bit) drivers with your version of WinPE (v2.1). I am not sure about the image size, as ours hasn't even hit 200mb yet. When manually placing drivers in the "X:\InstallDrivers" folder, be sure that there is only one subfolder for each driver. Only have one inf file in each subfolder. We recently had an issue where one of our Broadcom drivers wouldn't load because there were two inf files in the same subfolder.

                  Also, to confirm that ImageX saved your changes, just mount the wim file again after the unmount. Are you mounting the image with the "/mountrw" switch instead of just mount?

                  If not done so, check our PXE rep's Program Files folder to make sure that the boot.wim was updated after running the script.

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                    You'll want to be careful increasing the size too much depending on your environment. You should figure the WinPE size x 2 + a little = minimum memory required for WinPE to boot. So, since you increased the size to 256 (x2+overhead) means that it should no longer work with machines with 512MB ram or less.