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    Creating a distribution package using a .msp?


      Hello, I have a .msp file that I need to push to my computers. I know LANDesk does not have a .msp distribution package so does anyone have any suggestions or know of a solution? Thank you.

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          zman Master

          You will have to create a batch/vbscript file to deploy msp files:


          msiexec /q /norestart /update  file.msp

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            I was afraid of that... Is is pretty easy creating this batch/vbscript file from a .msp? I have never created a batch file before.. Any help would be much appreciated.

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              zman Master

              So there are numerous ways to do this, the simplest is to create a batch file with the following:


              msiexec /update \\pathtoyoursmsp\file.msp /quiet


              So assuming your distribution path is \\package\folder\ and your msp is called updateme.msp:


              msiexec /update \\package\folder\updateme.msp /quiet


              You can use other MSI command line options for log files, etc...

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                Hi Brett


                I'll go back a step from Zmas's post.


                Go into notepad, and fill out the command that Zman has said.


                msiexec /update \\package\folder\updateme.msp /quiet


                Or whatever u need to run in the install.


                Then to actually make the batchfile all you do is go, save as , then change save as type to All Files

                And then call it something like MSPName.bat


                the .bat is what makes it a batch file. It is very simple, give it a try.

                Hope that helps.

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                  Unless you have security suite, then you just create a repair task for the downloaded vulnerabilities.

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                    Here's my situation and I'm really hoping there's a way to deploy an MSP (via http share) or a workaround. I'm running LDMS 9.5 and 90% of my machines have the new 9.5Agent. I am in a mixed (recently acquired another org) environment with my legacy org's domain machines managed by both GPO and by LDMS9.5... LDMS comes from my legacy org and these machines are not the issue here.


                    The remaining machines are the trouble machines. These are all XP SP2, most of them desktops, most of them have firewall off, all of users are local admins, very few of them have kbox available, all of these machines' users log in via Novell client, and there is no standardization of a local admin account for administration. I'm in need of deploying Office365 (or Office2010-still an msp) (& the required Login Assistant and Lync which isn't a deal since they're msi's) to the non-domain machines in my environment. These are machines not on the domain (according to Network Ops, they will remain off the domain for another 6mo's) and are according to my most recent query, there are ~370 of these machines which still need o365 (o2010).

                    The kicker is that these machines cannot access the Core without authentication, therefore a separate package is created to use the Current User's creds for installation. I've setup an http share which they can access w/o the need to authenticate, BUT, the requirement for an http share deployment is that the package must be either an msi or an swd. I'm not aware of how to create an swd in 9.5 since I don't believe swd creation is an option in 9.5 and no longer have access to versions prior to 9.0 for the Enhanced Package Builder. Since we will be rolling out ~40 machines per night, I don't want them all to be streaming the install since these are all older sluggish XP machines, but instead I created a new Delivery Method for these machines to Download From Source the o365 installation (~650MB) w/ max simultaneous connections of 10 machines. But, we're back to the original issue of needing an msi for this install. For this install, I have the Source folder and w/in, i have the setup.exe which then directs to the Updates folder which contains the Custom.MSP for the Office365 and/or Office2010 install. ANY guidance would be extremely appreciated.

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                      We are rolling MSPs out via the Patch Manager. ... MSI via SD & MSP via Patch... quick n easy. The big challenge isnt the code as much as the PAYLOAD. If the patch is big (like an office patch you really need to get it out there to the preferred server(s) or trickle it out over time to reps in each broadcast domain. If the LANDesk agent is on every system in the given LAN then peers can run the product from the LAN and never cross the cloud. This WAN traffic problem had been the greatest trouble for us. We in SD loved it when they came out with MSPs. Now we can offload some work to the patch guys .

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                        MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                        Set up your distribution as a batch installation. Your payload is a batch file that calls the installation commands and the required files for that installation. These files can easily come from an http location as as mentioned, targeted multicast & peer download are your WAN link's friend. As long as the landesk agent is on the device then you have the local admin rights you need and no other network authentication would be required.


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