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    Backing up \ exporting provisioning Templates

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      does anyone know of a way to back up multiple templates at once?


      I know how to export them one at a time but can you export more than one? or backup more than one at once somehow?



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          This is dating back to June with no reply. I am wondering the same thing. Does anyone know the answer to this question? I am running and I am faced with backing up about 60 provisioning templates. I will be doing a monthly backup and need to know how to accomplish this.


          Thanks in advance.

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            One way to back them all up would be to do an include of each template into a single backup template. Then just export the backup template. When the backup template is imported it will create all all the other templates whcih may not be what you want. The other catch is that you will have to do a backup for each template OS setting. If you used a generic "windows" setting rather than win 7, etc, it makes it a bit easier becasue you can include all your templates in a single backup. You still have to go through and add each one to the backup template, but that is less work and next month the templates will already be included.

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