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    Issue with Removing Office 2003 and Deploying Office 2007 only happening on Windows 7

    Lighthammer34 Rookie

      Hi Guys

                     I have run into an issue where I have used this doc to deploy Office 2007 http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-7538 and I have set everything up in the .MSP file to uninstall all previous version of Office and install 2007, now if I do this on XP everything goes well, 2003 uninstall's and 2007 installs without any issue, but in W7 office 2003 does not uninstall and Office 2007 also installs so I have 2 working copies of Office on 1 machine.


      If I run the setup.exe with the .MSP file locally on the machine everything works as it should, so I am a little confused, if anyone can help with this issue it would be much appreciated.


      Best Regards




      PS : Sorry forgot to mention that we are on LD9 sp2