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    Updating Incident contacts through Problem Process (Notes)




      I'm in the process of revamping our Problem Management process and one of the things I would like to investigate is:


      When an Problem has multiple Incident attached to it, it can be time consuming to add a note to EACH Incident with updates, for example 'A fix to a problem has been allocated to release x.x, scheduled for release on XX/XX/XXXX'.


      It would be great if we could update each raise user/CC recipients of Incidents attached to a Problem at once.




      I get how to make Incidents change status via problem changes 'workarounds' and resolutions. I appreciate that its possible to put a problem resolution on an Incident as part of a resolution, but the update process doesnt seem there.


      Many thanks



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          Yes I'd like to know that too.  There is a bit in 7.5 which allows a process to do multiple things to a collection, but it was only really implemented to handle the bundle idea in requests.  I tried to make it add multiple reminders to the collection of incidents attached to a problem, but I couldn't get it to work.  I'm not sure if that functionality is planned to be made more general so it could be used in circumstances like the one you describe Ian, but it would be very useful indeed if it was.