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    Good/connected agent has STATUS=OFF in provisioning; why?


      LDMS 9.0 SP3


      I recently started noticing that about half of my machines are not participating in my conventional provisioning tasks.  I'll push a task against machines only to see that many do not do anything.  When I look at the tasks they show failed clients with the following reason:


      "the device is currently unavailable"


      When I inspect the scheduled tasks and policies against the failed machines they all report an OFF status.


      If I try a POLICY SYNC it completes successfully but the task does not kick off.  Restarting the tasks does nothing.


      If I restart the computer I can often get the task to kick off by restarting the task again.


      I'm not sure what is going on as this is a new behavior for me.  I applied SP3 back in March and have determined that it was a largely unobtrusive update as most things have been working fine.  I've not done anything else with the core since then.



      Needless to say I'm fishing for a cause and a solution.  Having to be so hands on with so many machines is making me frustrated to say the least.


      any info is appreciated.