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    Error: This Customer has changed status, and the action you selected is no longer available




      I have created a new object and associated action in System to capture recorded time. I've created an automatic action directly after the Add Note within the incident process which will simply copy values relating to the time spent by the analyst into the new time recording object.


      I should add we started with the otb Full Incident process within v7.5


      As far as I can see everything should be in place and I guess this seems fairly straight forward, however I am getting this error whenever I try to add a note (after clicking save on the note), which obviously relates to the automatic action I am trying to execute. If I remove the time recording automatic action it works OK so this is definetly my problem.


      I've looked at other articles and correct or not have tried adding the optional action to all statuses with no luck. Thought it might be privilages on the new action but again as far as I can see this is also correct allowing execute, update etc.


      Anyone else have experience of this or suggestions where I have gone wrong.