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    Upgrading from 7.3.0 to 7.5


      Where can I find the install (executables) for each upgrade?  I believe we need to upgrade several times since we are so far behind.....  Is it possible to get support for this process?

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          JesseCar Apprentice

          I believe you can, we upgraded from 7.3.1 to 7.5 and only had to run the 1 setup. Click on the link below and read the document LANDesk Service Desk Suite 7.5 Upgrade and review all the other pertinent docs on that page for your environment. It's not a step by step but it is a rough outline. I would highly recommend you run this a few times on your test or dev system. I also would test all your self service portal windows in your test and dev systems to see if they show OK for your environment. On the ones that don't show OK redo them and then run a design transfer to your Live environment. Hope this helps.