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    Batch file console application output visible


      Hi everybody!


      I've got a weird problem with LDMS 8.8 regarding a batch file which I'm deploying to multiple clients.


      The distribution package contains the following files:


      • deploy.cmd

      • 7za.exe

      • MSOutlook2003.zip



      The deploy.cmd looks like this:


      @ECHO ON

      sdclient.exe /msg="Extracting"

      7za.exe x MSOutlook2003.zip -y -oc:\INSTALL\PROGRAM_CACHE





      sdclient.exe /msg="Installing"

      cd c:\INSTALL\PROGRAM_CACHE\outlook2003_temp

      msiexec /qn /l msi_install.log /I OUTLS11.MSI TRANSFORMS=joeys_outlook2003sp3.MST





      sdclient.exe /msg="Finished"


      I'm using the batch way to deploy Outlook 2003 because it is much faster and bandwidth saving than the MSI deployment with this much additional files.


      Back to my problem:


      Everything works really fine so far. The only thing is the line where the 7zip executable is launched to extract the Outlook 2003 zip file. Everything runs hidden from the user except the output of 7zip. While the extracing runs a new command window is visible which shows the files which are currently being extracted. After 7zip finished extracing the window closes and the installation continuous silent.


      I also tried adding >output.txt to the end of the line but I can still the the output.


      In LDMS 8.7 SP4 and SP5 the output wasn't visible to me. This problem occured after upgrading to 8.8.


      Any ideas how to fix this problem?


      Many thanks in advance!