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    LANDesk backup solution for Core server

    Peter Lee Apprentice

      Hi All,


      I have 4 servers which are expected to configure as below:

      Server A: install LDMS/LDSS+ALM

      Server B: install MS SQL 2008 Standard

      Server C: The backup of Server A

      Server D: The backup of Server B

      We want to quickly switch from Server A to C when A got crashed. Or, switch Server B to D when B got crashed. Please advise how to achieve the goal.




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          zman Master

          Just my opinion, unless you are a small shop I would not install LDMS/LDSS and ALM on the same box. Way too much load.  So hopefully you are running these as virtual servers and can leverage VMware for your DR/HA/FO. If not there is really no clean, easy, automagic way of doing fail over on LDMS boxes (can't speak to LDSS).  Also when yoi say LDSS are you referring to the service desk piece or LDMS Security Suite. Still not sure I woudl put LDMS and ALM on the same box, but that would be based on the amount of nodes, how you use all the LDMS functions, and what you are doing with ALM/LPM.  There was a post on droppedpackets a while back about using doubletake. http://www.visionsolutions.com/products/dt-avail.aspx


          Some will say there is a way to do this, but it involves a standby server and manual configuration, and has never been publicly documented by LANDesk. So I would say not supported either.

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            Peter Lee Apprentice

            If adopt VMWare solution, what would be the suitable configuration for these for servers?