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    Outbound Email 7.5


      Hi,  I'm having problems getting outbound email to work in 7.5,  i have had a an occasional email transmit succesfully but the majority of the time(99%) they fail,  the only error that occasionally shows in event viewer is;



      Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


      Object reference not set to an instance of an object.



      I have turned trace logging on within the configuration manager, restarted the service, re-cycled the application pool and still the only thing thats recorded is either an Information Message :



      Logging OnContinue with user : System Url: http://localhost/BTST75.Framework


      or the above mentioned Obeject reference error.



      I have run scripts to check the all users have their notifications set correctly and have valid email addresses (in fact they're all currently set to use the same email address for testing)


      if i hit the test button within the mail configuration windows within console it's succesful. 


      has anyone got any ideas on where to check next,  what the cause of this could be??





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          I had something similar recently and resolved it.


          It turned out I had ticked the box on Outbound Mail Server Settings to set Outbound E-Mails to use Inbound Mail Box.


          On Inbound Email Mappings, I mapped the process to a mapping. But on Inbound Email > Mailboxes, I hadn't associated the mapping to an email address. So the system had no mailbox associated to the process and sent the Object not set error.


          Be warned, if this is the issue and you fix it, all emails will be sent suddenly so you might want to clear the Recipient Message table first.

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            thanks that does seem to have been the problem,  i am to embarrased to admit how long i have been banging my head against that one. 


            Thanks Again.



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              No worries. I had exactly the same head banging experience. You were just lucky I clicked the link. We are just thinking of upgrading to 7.5 so I'm trying to look for any major issues within it.


              Unfortunately I didn't think to clear the Mail queue and had the effected department moaning at me as they had to put up with 50+ calls/email responses from their customers saying the issue was resolved months ago.