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    Task creation with pre filled fields from incident



      We want to create several "Buttons" in the incident menu with automatic actions behind. For example:


      The service desk analyst works on an incident and wants to add a task to a specific group named "printer cleaning". In this case it would be nice when he only has to "click a button" on the left and a task will be created automatically with a pre confugured text and assignment group. Otherwise we want to create several other actions with different preconfigured texts and assignment groups.




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          I'd create an extra windowless action for the 'buttons' you want and then in the process hook up an automatic action to create the task with the right taks process and right contents prefilled.  You might need to add an initial assignment group/user to the task object itself and assign to that group/user within the task process.  That depends on which task process you are using and how comfortable you are with process mangler.  The general method should work fine and is quite commonly done.