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    SQL Issues when running 7.4 & 7.5 on the same SQL server


      Apologies if this should be posted in the database section and apologies if it doesnt make sense.


      We have a SQL server v2005 and have our live database 7.4 (ITBM_Live) and our test database 7.5 (ITBM_Test) on this box. 7.5 uses a restore of 7.4 data with mdm being ran on it for use with 7.5.


      Now, we have our 7.5 application installed on a test server (has had service pack applied) which when opening an incident freezes our live system until the incident window opens. The only link between them is that their respective databases are on the same sql server but they infact use their own database.


      Any pointers or best to log with support? - This is holding up our live move to 7.5.