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    Win2000 inventory scan issue


      I have a win2000 machine with agent ver that I need to inventory scan. The rest of my agents are


      When I try to run an inventory scan initiated at the client I get ldiscen32.exe crashes with an application error referencing memory that can't be read. Initiating the scan from LD fails with "cba 8 , unable to contact remote agent."


      Trying to install agent fails with "devices running win 95 98 nt4 and 2000 require a legacy management client..."


      Can anything be done to get an updated inventory into LD for this old machine? Can I get a legacy client somewhere?

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          Was there a pervious self-extracting executable of the LDMS9 sp2 Agent? There maybe a copy on the file share or a backup... That would be your best bet.

          Otherwise, you could build a temporary LDMS9 sp2 Core (perhaps on a VM). Use the CoreDataMigration file & gather data on existing LDMS9 sp3 Core.

          Copy to SP2 Core & restore once the server is up. Create a new Agent specify using the SP3 certificate, create a self-extracting agent. Deploy that from your SP3 core.

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            If you look at community article 2890 it will walk you through the steps of building a legacy agent. It also has a download link for a legacy agent that you can then follow the document to update to work with your core server.