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    Microsoft Office Update


      Still trying to figure  LANDesk out.


      I have 2 issues/questions. (Actually I have many but I will limit this thread to these)


      1. I just completed a repair task with 14 macs (we have 50 total but I just used these as a test). I did not use a custom group as I saw that doesn't work in the other thread. 10 show Incorrect Function. 4 show Scan with autofix complete. I checked 1 of each system and the Office version did not change on either even with a reboot. Why?


      2. We have had several of our macs that repeatedly show up in the unmanaged device discovery including this laptop I am typing on now. I reinstall the agent (both manually and by trying to push it out). It may show up in a scan but then ther next day it is in unmanged device dicovery again. What is the best way to start troubleshooting this?

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          Just tried with a Firefox update. It seems that doesn't actually install the update but it pushed the ability for a user that does not have administrative rights to be able to go to about Firefox and apply update. Is this the way it's supposed to work?


          If that is the case is it the same with the Microsoft Update? Negative. I just tried it. User still needs admin rights.


          Edit - And even in the Firefox update it's inconsistent as some of the users are getting the updates available at Firefox.com screen, some are just getting the download updates button.


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            Snowman? Jason?

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              Hi Jiwald,



              I cannot say why your office installation did not update the files. When you look in the LANDesk.log does it say it successfully ran the package? As for the incorrect function that is something you should contact support about. There has been work done around task status messages.



              As for your unmanaged device issue you might want to check your days to keep inventory and your duplicate device settings. Keep in mind that for a device to be unmanaged the MAC address cannot already be associated with a managed device in the database.



              Concerning firefox that sounds like its own updater not the patch. If you open the dmg doesn't it just have a new firefox.app that is supposed to replace the outdated one?

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                Thank you. I will verify.