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    Error when create relationship in object designer.


      I tried to create a relationship between two business objects.

      It prompted error:

      Error on saving changes:

      Value not specified for AttributeType MappingDetail attribute. Attributes in class types that are in an external database module must specify a database column name in their MappingDetail attribute.


      I don't know how to find the MappingDetail attribute.


      Thanks in advance.


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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          What objects where you trying to create a relationship with?

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            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

            This looks to me like one of  your business objects is a data connection?


            IMHO It's perfectly OK to drop a data connection "virtual BO" onto a normal DB based business object  to create a related object as I've done this in the past to allow me to show "live" virtual attributes (AD attributes for example) on a form in ServiceDesk .


            I think maybe this error  could occur if you drop a (normal) DB-based BO onto the Data Connection based BO instead?


            Am I warm?



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              Stu McNeill Employee

              I think Julian is very warm on this.  Are you trying to create a relationship to your data connection object?  If so it sounds like you've dragged your object onto the data connection object instead of the other way round.

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                tpratt Apprentice



                I know this post is quite old; but I am encountering the exact same issue and do not see any other related items in the community. Before having to engage support - can you offer any enlightenment? I am in fact trying to create a Collection n the Incident BO related to a custom Data Source. So - as Julian suggests - what I am doing is to take the Incident BO and I drag that onto my custom Data Source BO. I am then prompted if I want to create a collection on the Incident BO for which I choose Yes and then it initially appears to work until I go to save my custom BO. I can of course drag my custom BO onto the Incident Object - but in doing so it creates a 1 to 1 relationship (not correct). I receive the same error as in this priginal post - clearly point out that somewhere more information is needed to construct the relationship (it does of course exists - the Incident ID is in my custom Object - and I have had no issues adding this information as a FILTER on my core Incident window). Below are the screen shots after dropping the Incident BO on my custom BO, and the error saving the object.


                Hopefully you have some insight into what is needed - and I really how this is possible.


                Thanks in advance,




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                  Stu McNeill Employee

                  Hi Terry,


                  Unfortunately you won't be able to create a one-to-many relationship to a data connection object.  The reason is because a collection object from Incident always has an attribute on it to say which Incident it belongs to, and is always created from the Incident.  That wouldn't be possible with a data connection object because they are always read only so can't be created from the Incident or have the link back.


                  Depending on what your're trying to achieve there may be other solutions people can think of?

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                    tpratt Apprentice

                    Thanks Stu,


                    Of course it makes perfect sense that in order to have a collection that there would need to be some linking attribute from the custom BO to the Incident BO. And that is what the error message hints at - that there is some "missing step" where that "Mapping Detail Attribute" needs to be provided. That of course was my hope here - that I just need to know where to add this (some method to get this into the meta data catalog) - and that this just was not evident. There is an attribute in my custom BO that links to the Incident, this is how I am able to add the information onto the Incident Window using a filter.


                    As an FYI in case people are wondering (if the "collection" is already on the window thru a filter - what is the issue) - I am trying to overcome the limitations of collections and HTML data types. The custom BO creates a richer chronological history than the Audit (History) ribbon in the standard design. However - we want to enable HTML formats in our Notes - and then the History view does not readily alert the analyst that notes have pictures included. With a collection on the Incident Object I could easily read this view into an HTML attribute on the window, or more likely an action like "View Rich History".


                    Anyway - I do appreciate the confirmation. I did open a support case as well on the same - and I'll let them also know of your recent update. this original post left the base question unanswered (no definitive answer that the error is misleading in that you can't providing a Mapping Attribute as it seems to suggest).