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    All Incidents (Requests and IPC) for All My Groups


      **Note from Service Desk 7.7.3 this is no longer needed nor is it supported by LANDESK. There are now new criteria available to do this instead.

      "Is within my group"

      "Is within my role".

      As most of you will be aware, it has never been possible to write a simple query against all incidents (and other IPC) for all groups of which you are a member.



      e.g. joe is a member of servicedesk, networks and security. To see the workload for all groups he needs either 3 queries or to run the same query three times or a query where he selects each group he is in.






      Attached is a query I have "enhanced" which will show all incidents for all groups of which you are a member.



      What ever you do, do not remove the current user criteria, you will never get it back!



      At this moment in time it is only against incidents, if I get time I will write one for request and process.



      Now this probably wont be supported by landesk, but it works.








      p.s i wrote this in version 75.

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          MarcelloCentineo Specialist

          Tom many thanks for this query!


          Question now: Do you have the same for process so that I will see all my requests, incidents, changes etc.


          thanks your former LANDesk colleague


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            Hi Marcello,


            i havent had the time to create a process one yet, i'll try and do it tonight.


            hope all is well.



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              Two new queries added in the second zip, one for the process object and one for the request object.





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                Hi Tom,


                How you get the Current Assignment.Group.Users.User criteria? I couldn't found it in Group relationship. Deeper checking it only appear in Company/Supplier/Support Group/Supplier.


                If you can show to us how you able to get it, that will be awesome!


                If you can also provide for Change process with this criteria.




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                  MarcelloCentineo Specialist

                  Hi Dodiy,


                  The query itself is "hacked" via the database...Not in Console.

                  Take a look into the query in sql and change it there.




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                    Hi Marcello,


                    Are there anything I need to update in the query in sql as I had change the record in column md_name but it still not show the changes made when open the query in the console.




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                      Hi Dodi,


                      its not a simple process to explain, as you have to manually add rows to a few tables in the database for each query you want to create.


                      you could always put a criteria on the "All IPC" query of Classtype.title = change.


                      i will try to build the change one later and add it to the article for you.






                      p.s i think ive built one for all roles of which im a member so i'll try to dig that one out for you also.

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                        Hello Tom,

                        thanks for taking the time to help us along with these sorts of problems.


                        We have a similar problem whereby we need Self Service users to be able to view any incidents saved with a department name that is linked to one of the customer groups they are a member of.


                        e.g. John Smith is a member of  'super user' groups 'SU St James Primary School', 'SU Education Finance', 'SU St Agnes Secondary'.


                        We have a customer group/department relationship set up so that, for example, the group 'SU Education Finance' would have a one to one link with a department called  'Finance'.


                        To cut a long story short, would we be able to amend your report to make the main criteria:


                        Department.Super User Group.Users.User is Current User


                        At the moment we are limited to:


                        Department.Super User Group is Current Group


                        which means that the user has to change groups to view each separate groups results.


                        Any tips on how we could do this would be really helpful,

                        many thanks,


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                          You can also look towards the end of this thread for a slightly more general, non-SQL method of doing this.




                          This allows you to make a legit copy of the OOTB super user workload query and the workload query which make use of the special 'everything assigned to me in any type of process whatsoever' that currently LANDesk keep to themselves.  Once you have the copy, you can make it do what you want


                          It also gives you a chance to vote on that idea so that it is more likely to make it into a release


                          Another idea that is very similar is here




                          LANDesk product management are quite influenced by votes on ideas, so please do add yours to those if you haven't voted already.

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                            Hi Tom,


                            Many thanks for the queries you have posted : very useful !


                            I tried to replicate something similar to get a query based on processes against a particular field of process I added which is actually a relationshion to the group object. Fied is named DVGroup. For the whole story, this field is pointing to the group for whom the process is expecting an authorisation (which is not actually current assignment in my design).


                            So I wanted to set up a condition in order to select processes for _DVGroup.UserGroups.User is current user (so all processes expecting authorisation for all my groups).


                            To make it fast, I've created a record in md_query_condition (similar to your queries) which is pointing to md_query_attribute record for the _DVGroup.UserGroups.User level. This md_query_attribute record is pointing to another md_query_attribute record (thru the md_parent_attribute_guid) for _DVGroup.UserGroups level, and this last one is also pointing to a third md_query_attribute record for the _DVGroup level.


                            I don't know if I made it clear to understand (sorry for my poor english).


                            As a result, I was expecting to see the conditions dispayed in the console but the console is showing the previous value of md_query_condition (to be more specific, I've created the query with the connsole with a single attribute and a single condition, and I tried to modified the condition with sql in order to add the two more md_query_attribute records needed and to modify the existing md_query_condition record).


                            I am desperetaly seeking for where I am wrong but I could not figurate out !


                            Any clue would be appreciated,


                            Best regards,


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                              Hey - I'm fairly new to LDSD - just got started on 7.6.2 & looking for this exact function.  I'm not quite sure how to get this into LDSD though, or if it will successfully work on 7.6.2 since it was designed with an older version...


                              Can you give the steps needed to import the query?  I can't seem to find any import feature on the query designer window.



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                                Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

                                You would do it as a Design Transfer which is located under Administration.  There will be an icon at the bottom for "Import" where you can then point to the file and have it validate then import.


                                I can confirm that it works in 7.6.2. 

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                                  thanks for the pointer Jamie - & thanks for the share Tom.  Exactly what I needed!

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