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    Help with packaging AIM


      I have ben able to package it somewhat but here is the issue.


      Due to compliance issues we need to use a particular version of AIM.

      I have been able to get that packaged and installed on the users PC without an issues.


         Due to compliance issues I need to have the AIM login redirected to an outside regulatory address. Aim stores this information in a global.xml file that resides on the users AppData\Local\AIM\Settings\global.xml.    Due to the size and user layout I can't confirm the users will be all logged on when I do the install of the AIM client so STARTASUSER.EXE would work fine for the logged on users but what about the logged off users? . How can i get this file to the users AppData\Local\AIM\Settings.  Mind you we use roaming profiles and there are numerous profiles on each machine.


      Anyway I was also thinking to use GPO or logon script but I really wanted to use Landesk if at all possible

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Sounds like something you would script to parse all of the user locations on each machine to place a copy of that file. Without scripting, the only way I can see this being done by LANDesk is to have two jobs.


          The first would perform the install whether or not a user is present. The second would be a policy that runs as the user and it's sole purpose it to place that file. If you link this policy to a user target and set it to run as a required policy then it could do the trick. Sort of depends on how you have policies being checked.


          Personally I'd go for the scripting option, cleaner. Sorry i don't have an example script to hand but I'm sure there are similar threads that will have some examples if you do a bit of searching.


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            I was able to script a solution



            ' AUTHOR:

            ' DATE  : 7/25/2012

            ' COMMENT: This script will copy source files/folders to each user profile on the machine




            'On Error Resume Next






            Dim fso

            Dim oFolder1, objFolder, oFolder

            Dim path

            Dim WSHShell

            Dim colFolders

            Dim sDocsAndSettings

            Dim strComputer



            strComputer = "."



            Set WSHShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

            Set fso = createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")




            Set oFolder1 = fso.GetFolder("\\servername\Software\AIM_7.5\global\")




            sDocsAndSettings = "C:\Documents and Settings\"  

            Set colFolders = fso.GetFolder(sDocsAndSettings)



            For Each oFolder In colFolders.SubFolders

                      Select Case LCase(oFolder.Name)

                                Case "admin", "administrator", "newuser", "all users", "default user", "default user.original", "localservice", "networkservice"

                                          'LEAVE THE DEFAULT PROFILES ON THE MACHINE

                                Case Else

                                          ' Check for the path

                                          If fso.FolderExists(sDocsAndSettings & oFolder.Name & "\local settings\application data\aim\settings") Then

                                                    'COPY FOLDER TO USER PROFILE

                                                    fso.CopyFolder oFolder1, sDocsAndSettings & oFolder.Name & "\local settings\application data\aim\settings" ,True

                                                    'MsgBox "Copied  to: " & sDocsAndSettings & oFolder.Name & "\local settings\application data\aim\settings"

                                          End If

                      End Select




            Set fso = Nothing

            Set WSHShell = Nothing


            So I got it to work except for one small issue-  the setup.exe for aim finishes the installation just fine but is waiting on a user to click close before my batch file will continue , can I automate this as well ?

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              I have figured this out thanks for all your help.


              I used


              start \\servername\Software\AIM_7.5\aim\setup.exe


              ping -n 40 > nul



              And the rest of the script