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    LD Agent Android app - Enrolment looks for files that don't exist!


      I've gone though all the normal troubleshooting but can't get my head around this one!


      I've setup MDM and confirmed via a web browser that all the certificates work correctly etc etc.


      Now, the problem is that according to IIS configuration (and LANDesk) the URL for Android enrollments should be https://<hostname>/MobileEnrollment/ld-AndroidEnroll.aspx, now if I launch this through a web browser I get the following:

      This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


      <failure error="Enter Credentials">


      <prompt name="custom_domain" type="text" hint="Domain" label="Domain:"/>

      <prompt name="custom_username" type="text" hint="Username" label="Username:"/>

      <prompt name="custom_password" type="password" hint="Password" label="Password:"/>



      Which I gather is correct(?)...however, when I try to enroll an Android device using LD Agent application I get "Enrollment failed" and then a load of 404 errors for https://<hostname>/mobileenroll/android-enroll.xml (and similar files/directories that don't exist)


      So, why is my Android app looking in a different location to where LANDesk says the files should be?  Or have I missed something really obvious here?