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    Which version of WAIK should I install?

    cyberdemon Apprentice

      1) Our LD9 core isn't production ready yet.

      2) Server 2008 R2 standard

      3) LDMS 9.0 sp3

      4) I haven't downloaded or installed WAIK tools yet, for WinPE validation


      Our 8.8 Server - production - captures AND deploys:

      1) Windows 7x32,and x64

      2) Windows XP sp3


      Knowing that XP's end of life is on the horizon, as well as we will be migrating from the 8.8, is it even worth worrying about XP to capture AND deploy from the 9.0 server? Or maybe a better question is: Will WinPE 3.1 support capture OR deploy of our old XP image in case I needed to?


      If that is the case, then I should be able to just grab the 2009 posted version for WAIK for Windows 7, correct? What about the 2011 posted updated version? Which version should I install?


      taken from the Help function in LDMS for OS Deployment :


      "IMPORTANT: This product installs components from the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) for Windows 7 as part of the product installation, which includes a Windows PE environment. Do not install any other version of the WAIK on your core server, or you will experience conflicts between the two versions of the WAIK. If you want to use any other version of the WAIK, install it on a device other than your core server."


      I'm concerned about getting this right the first time, since we're setting this up new.