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    MDR issue in SWD



      I'm not sure if this is default behaviour or whether my MDR is setup incorrectly.






      We're running 8.7 SP3



      I've setup a Windows 2K3 Standard box which sole purpose is to act as an MDR/preferred server for one site.



      it's called  MYMDRSERVER in this example, in configuration/Multicast Domain Representatives  it's listed there and is also listed in preferred servers setup.



      I've pushed the office 2003 installation files to it  via a multicast (cache only) job.



      When  I push out a job to  client (push, peer download only) it gets some of the files from the MDR using tmcsvc but fails about 75% of the way through.



      This entry in sdclient.log is the ont that's confusing me, is this default behaviour or do I need to do something else to my MDR server?





      Fri, 18 Apr 2008 10:51:18 Response for '/packages/companyname/packages/MS%20Project%202003%20standard/projstan.bat' on 'MYMDRSERVER:80' was not a successful http request (503)