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    Scheduled Bulk Action


      Hi Guys


      I'm looking into scheduled bulk actions for the first time and have hit a stumbling block.  I have a feeling this could be one for support but thought I'd post up here before I go there.


      In schedule manager I'm trying to select Module: Request Management and Business Object: Request, as soon as I select my Request BO I get the dreaded "Object Reference not set to an Instance of an Object" and a lovely 31 page word doc of a details message!!  If I select Continue on my error message the rest of the fields Query, Scheduled Action Type and Action all remain greyed out.  If I select a different BO then they become active, I can at this point reselect Request as my BO and the fields stay active.  Problem now though is that I'm missing the Action that I want to take.  I've tested using different modules and business objects and I don't get the error anywhere else.  Thought it was maybe our test system, as it's a bit wonky in places but I've just tried it in Live and exactly the same thing has happened.


      I'm assuming I shouldn't be seeing this error???


      As always any thoughts greatly appreciated



      SD 7.4