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    hyperlink to create a new link


      HI All


      For 7.4, is there a way I can create a hyperlink to self-service and have it take me to create new incident?  I tried to copy and paste the url but that only works for a short time and stops working.



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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          Those URL's are static when you select "New Incident" or something like that.  Are you capturing the Analyst link or the End User link?  I had a case like this before and it quit working because I logged into Self-Service as an Analyst and used that like which wouldn't work for our End Users cause it was a totally different window view.  Just a thought.  Log in as an End User and click New Incident.  Once the form comes up, capture that URL and use it for your hyperlink.  Where are you trying to use the hyperlink?

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            Looks like the issue is that we are using integrated login on our webaccess/self-service and the link will not work if the user has not logged into servicedesk.  The user can click on the link twice and the second time, it will take the user to the new incident window.

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              Stu McNeill Employee

              Hi Jack,


              There is a known issue (Porblem 5400) with using direct links if they contain "/ss" in them.  Remove this part and the link should work first time.