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    Where does LDMS pull all the inventory data from?


      Good Morning All,

      I am trying to determine where all the data the LD agents pulls all the inventory data from.

      I assume from many different places within the software/OS and directly from the BIOS itself, however I am after a list of the fields and where the data is pulled from.


      For example:

      Serial Number > BIOS

      Software Packages > OS...etc. (Perhaps something a little more comprehensive)


      I am after a specific field, which is the 'Chassis Type'

      I am using ALM for our asset management and my reporting is dependent on the chassis type to identify the difference between laptops, desktops, workstations...etc.

      (I appreciate there are work-arounds, like using the MT number to identify the different devices, however adding every MT number to a query is time consuming and not feasible)

      10% of the devices are missing this data and I need to determine where LDMS pulls the data from so I can identify the problem and remedy.


      Thank you for your time!