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    7.5 Service Pack 1 Upgrade


      Hi my upgrade to 7.5SP1 is failing with the following error;


      Execution of Service Desk MSI Completed. Return Code: 1619, State: Failure  


      I am running the upgrade on  our test environment from the web server , i have just run the "fix 7.5 installer" tool which appeared to run succesfully


      I am reluctant to unistall the existing 7.5 installation completley incase this removes all of the IIS Config on the server (we run multiple instances)


      any help gratefully received.





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          I'd log that as a support call straight away John.

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            Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

            I agree with Dave.  This could be something with the installer itself.  Please keep us posted with what is determined.


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              Gents, thanks for your responses, in the end I was forced to uninstall 7.5.  On the web server I initially started this was problematic, it appeared to have cached the point at which it failed the install and every time the uninstall ran it displayed the same error as I documented at the beginning of the post. 

              To get round this I was advised to remove setup.xml and I had to edit some permissions in the registry as it appeared that the MSI package was failing to update the registry correctly.

              Following that I uninstalled 7.5 and then installed 7.5sp1 from scratch and all appears ok.

              I would go with Daves original advice though and contact the helpdesk if you appear to have this issue as there was a fair amount of back and forth on this between myself and the helpdesk to make sure they had all they needed, especially when it came to “adjusting” the registry.