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    End user questioning during provisioning?




      Is it possible during provisioning to ask the user any questions? Many of our machines are off site and we're trying to reduce the number of engineer visits by enabling the end user to commence the re-imaging process by putting in a PXE rep into each office with a copy of the images on also.


      So when a machine is re-imaged to also try and reduce the amount of re-configuration required afterwards.


      Such as Printer installation, i.e. what is the IP of the printer and what do you want to call it then use HP's universal print driver to install the printer.


      Thing's like IP (some of our machines have static IPs) I believe I can obtain via the database so it automatically assigns the same IP details?


      I've also got an issue where we don't have a Activation server for Windows 7 and just re-enter the code on the side of the machine manually to activate it after imaging, is there anyway of prompting the user for the code and inserting it and activating etc?


      There's probably more I'll think of later, but the printer, IP, and Product key prompts during provising would be useful, even if it was via scripting somehow?


      Any advice?