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    How do I Copy & Paste to copy my report?


      Okay now...I KNOW how to Copy & Paste...outside of LD anyway.  But IN LD?  I'm having a problem.


      I created a report regarding local Administrator & Power User's groups.  I've decided to split it to make a separate report for each of the two groups.  I can "copy" it, but where ( & how ) do I "paste" it?  If I try to paste it in either "My Reports" or "All Custom Reports", it merely writes over the same report.  I get no chance to give it a different name.  If after I "copy" it, if I rename the existing report, when I go to "paste" it, I seem to paste over the report that I'm trying to copy.  It's either that, or I've copied to somewhere out in the "ether", because I don't where the heck it went to.  What the heck am I missing?


      If anyone out there could help me to "see the light" here, I'd appreciate it.


      Thanks in advance,




      P.S. - While I'm here, I don't seem to have any control over the report formatting either.  To do so I have to export the data to Excel or Access then create my own formatting?