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    input variable when running a OSD

    igs Apprentice

      Hi All,


      We are going to setup a OSD in 10 different branches, each branch has their own administrator and preferred server.


      All the branches are using the same OS image and we place the OS image to each branch's preferred server rather than from the core server.


      We don't want the branch administrator involve to the provisioning template so we will configure the provisioning template for them and deliver to the branch administrator to run the OSD.


      We are having the question now,  can we configure the provisioning template to prompt the administrator(prompt at the landesk console) to enter the path of the OS source during the OSD? Becasue if we modify a provisioning task, even a single task, we have to modify all the templates one by one. Or can I set the template to get the OS image from the nearest preferred server/Peer?