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    fixwindows.exe problem


      For demonstration purposes, I created capture and deployment scripts for a syspreped Windows 7 VM (VMWare Workstation 7.1.6). The core is LD 9.0 SP3. When try to deploy the image to a newly created VM, everything in the script seems to run fine up until fixwindows.exe runs. I tried running it manually and got this...


      X:\cba8\fixwindows.exe 2

      ret0S=0 osPartitionID=2 osPartitionDrive=

      retSystemOS=0 systemPartitionDrive

      %c:\Boot\BCD does not exist


      Everything after that fails because the C: drive is not mapped. I have seen OSD demonstrated in a VM environment, so I know this can be done. Does anyone know why fixwindows.exe is not working here?