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    How To Schedule Repair Task or Deploy Client SP3 to All Clients


      Dear All,


      Please kindly provide the information and method for me to deploy Clients SP3 to all clients' PC.

      I've already try to use repair task to update client agents via Patch Manager, every job result just running several mins and then result show: No Patch is available!

      Why??!?! Am I need to do a Compliance Scan for every PC before run this repair task???

      Please advice thanks!




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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          First off, have you patched the core to SP3?  If not, the client patch should not be available.


          In the scan and repair setting your systems use as the default, under scan options, is "LANDesk Updates" checked?  If not, your clients will not scan for these updates and only when patch has been 'detected' as being needed can it be remediated.


          Now, on another front, from what I have been told by LANDesk employees, I would not use the patch tool to update my clients because:


          • Some of the items changed or added in SP3 are not "patchable", installing the SP3 client patch will get most of the items up to date, but for all of the new features you need to re-install the agent.


          Also, LANDesk has historically had issues pushing out agent reinstallations by simply choosing that option in the Agent section of the console.


          What I and several LANDesk employees recommend doing is this:


          • Give your agent a revision in the name, either add the date or a v2, etc to it, this lets you easily tell which systems still need to be upgraded.

          • Right click on your new agent, choose to create a self contained .exe
          • Copy that .exe to your normal package location, create a software dist. job in LANDesk and push out the new agent as a Software Dist. job.
          • The self contained .exe is said to have better abilities to full remove the old agent and do a cleaner installation vs simply using the schedule agent deployment method.


          Hope this helps.


          As always, Test, Test, Test!