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    Database information location




      when I started LANDESK manager, I obtain these information about the computer DEPEIWLT2038


      As you can see it, for this computer, it exists a vulnerability with id MSXML4-SP3.
      I'm able to find this vulnerability in the table Vunlerability from Landesk database, but I don't find the way to link it with the computer DEPEIWLT2038 (which is found in table Computer). I already tried to find my answer in ComputerVulnerability, succeedless.


      I hope you'll be able to give a tip to resolve my problem : I need these information to build a security app who access to the DB.




      Bastien Faure

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          This information is stored as a compressed BLOB in the database.  You can have it extracted by selecting Create a Task from the toolbar and then choosing Gather Historical Data.  This will then extract that information so you can access it.

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            First of all thanks a lot for your answer.

            But I need more details :

            - Will this BLOB give me the information I'm looking for ? I only need to know HOW Landesk access to the DB and queries it to show us the following data (i.e picture)

            - I work only with the DB, and I need to know the count of installed and missing patches, so I don't want to use landesk software...

            - To sum up, I wanted the SQL Query that landesk uses


            I hope I'm clear enough,