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    Deliver certificates to a mac via .dmg


      I'm trying to place 3 cert's on a mac by packaging them in a .dmg file. Then also including an executable script in that same .dmg that contains copy commands and what not to place the files in the correct location on the mac. I've taken the .dmg and created a mac distribution package in landesk and the pacakge will deliver the .dmg to the mac i schedule a task on, but after that nothing happens. Reading some documentation on the community site, it seems that if i have an executable file in the .dmg and deploy via policy, the policy should place the .dmg on the mac and then auto-run the executable file but thats not happening. so i tried using -exec in the Install/Uninstall portion of the package but that portion never seems to run. In the Terminal on the mac, we see the package get mounted and unmounted then result code 0, but the certs dont get placed, i dont see the install script ever getting called, it seems to just skip that step. Does anyone have any details on what the syntax for -exec is and what requirements for the install script would be?