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    Help with adding Domain accounts to make them Admins in LDMS9


      This is taken from the Help button in LD9.

      • LANDesk Administrators: This is the failsafe group for console access. Anyone in this group has full rights in the console, including script writing. By default, the user account that installed Management Suite is added to this group. If you don't have many console users or you don't want to limit the console users that you do have, you can bypass role-based administration entirely and just add users to this group.

      When adding full administrators to the console, you can either add them to the core server's local LANDesk Administrators group or you can add them to a different group that has the LANDesk "Administrator" right. The only difference is that users in the Windows LANDesk Administrators group can't be deleted from the console until they are removed from the LANDesk Administrators group.


      Unfortunately, this is complete balloney. I've added my domain\useraccounts to the LANDesk Administrators group on the server, and they cannot login. I've tried a domain group, individual user accounts, but this doesn't work as expected. I've added domain accounts to the LANDesk Management Suite group, and does not work. Any thoughts?



      I've tried adding them directly from the User Management, but it doesn't want to add DOMAIN\<random user account>. It wants to add Coreservername\<random user account>. Does that make sense?


      I would think this would be easier than 8.8 was. In 8.8, all i needed to do was add domain accounts to the Computer Management\Local Users and Groups\Groups\LANDesk Management Suite.


      thanks for the guidance.