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    Error trying to clone module


      Hi Folks


      Have done some digging on community re cloning modules and decided to ignore the advice of this not being an end user feature and have a bash at doing it.  We've been looking to implement a Line of Business Change process and had thought if we cloned Change Management then that would be the ideal solution, same DB structure as our own Changes but separate at the same time.  Was all looking good but have hit an error.


      Error below occurs trying to clone Change Management module, in our pre-production environment, following steps from LANDesk’s ModuleCloning.pdf, using Touchpaper.Tools.ModuleCloner.exe.  The progress bar stops about one third of the way through and the error appears, the database tables look like they've been created and  are accessible through the SQL Server.  However, the clone of the Change domain is not accessible through Service Desk nor is it visible after rerunning the Touchpaper.Tools.ModuleCloner.exe, as could be expected from the pdf guidance.


      Any help or thoughts greatly appreciated




      Clone Error.png

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          Got this sorted, was able to get the constraint dropped on the table using


          ALTER TABLE usr_location12

          DROP CONSTRAINT fk$usr_cmdbs$usr_loca$F5959622

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            dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

            Helen - You may well find that the many to many linkages (change to incident etc) may not operate with a clone module. At least that is what I found last time.  It would be interesting to know if that is stil lthe case with later versions.

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              Thanks Dave I'll check that, though we hit another stumbling block we're not licenced for more than 1 Change module so we're talking to our support guys.  If we do use cloning I'll let you know if it's still an issue.  Just for anyone else, something we hadn't thought about is that it only clones the OOTB BOs and attributes so anything you've added yourself would need to be readded to the new module.  As I said we're sort of jumping into this eyes wide shut so to speak!!  Thank god for test systems