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    network path was not found






      iam using LDMS 8.8 , i want to make profile capture but i have a problem says " network path was not found " , although :



      - the folder is shared and have full control .



      - the managed device pingable and sharable



      - the directory "C:\windows" is founded on the managed device



      - the message appeare with all of my own managed devices



      - full administration with correct name and password of the credintionals






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          bnelson Employee


          Is it failing to find the PC you are attempting to capture? Is it failing to find the location where you want to store the profile?



          Right click on the PC name and go to Provisioning History. From there you can choose the task and look to see where the task failed. If it started and some tasks were able to complete then we can rule out the end PC as the issue. You could also see then which task failed and start trouble shooting from there.



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            iS "New Folder" a share on LANDesk? Do domain computers have Read RIghts or is it Null Session?

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              that message is coming from the core's scheduler when it asks the agent to perform tasks like downloading the preboot environment and profile capture tool. It often means that the agent doesn't have the right software distribution components installed, or that they're installed in an odd location (say e:\landesk) and we've just stumbled across one of the few remaining locations where someone mistakenly hardcoded "C:\program files\landesk\ldclient" instead of following the variable.

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