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    How to force inventory on newly imaged desktops?


      We have several labs which were upgrded to Windows 7 32 bit a year ago.


      We are re-imaging the labs this year with Windows 7 - 64 bit.  


      We are using LANDesk OSD to push the sysprepped images.


      The problem we are having is that the inventory has 32 bit listed.  The  clients are not running an inventory scan when they come online and the  database info does not get updated.  So, when we run updates on the computers, they are trying to be patched in Program Files not Program Files(x86).  The updates fail, of course.  The only way we have found to fix this is to manually go to each client and run an inventory scan, twice, to get the database to update.  That is something else I have noticed.  When we build new systems and install the LANDesk agent, we have to run the inventory scan twice manually before the device shows in the console. 


      Has anyone else dealt with this issue?




      John Watters

      Desktop Security Specialist

      Montana State University