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    Deploying AMT




      I have just recently started using Landesk within my organisation; I am still getting familiar with the layout and features and am very impressed by what I am seeing so far. Currently all the deceives we are using have an Intel Vpro processor and we would really like to take full advantage of all the AMT features.


      I have currently set up a test environment where we have activated the AMT features through the BIOS method and everything works perfectly. My question is, is there a more efficient method to achieve this. We are hoping to have this installed on every computer within the organisation (126 devices) as well as new computers coming in so naturally we would like to minimise the time it takes to set up a machine.

      Currently I am looking into Intel Setup and Configuration Software (Intel SCS) I believe this could be a useful tool.



      If there is any documentation anyone could point me towards, or anyone discussions featuring the same or similar issues I can look at that would be great


      Thank you.

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          LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

          In my opinion, the best way to handle vPro/AMT provisioning is to use a third-party certificate and follow a zero-touch setup. I have done this by utilizing a GoDaddy certificate. This way any machine that comes online and is vPro ready will automatically provision itself without any manual interaction. Of course, it sounds easier than it actually is to setup. You will have to create a DNS alias called ProvisionServer that points to the server that has the certs installed, in my case that is my LANDesk core. There are also some DHCP options (81 and 15) that need to be set. Once that is all setup, it should be smooth sailing from there. I have attached a document that I have always used and really does help. It is a bit dated but the basics are there. Hope this helps.

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            Thankyou this was very helpful; I believe our company has a wildcard certificate so we will probably try utilising that rather than installing GoDaddy, however I have had a quick browse of the document you attached and it seems like it is going to be very useful.


            Thanks again for your response and I look forward to working more with LanDesk