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    7.5 Query Problems


      Good morning,


      I'm having several issues with the query section since we upgraded to 7.5 and I wondered if anyone else had these issues and whether or not they were known problems with workarounds.


      Firstly selecting records in the query is very very slow. Just selecting a single record takes a few seconds, if you want to drag and highlight or control-highlight several records to export it's very very slow to do, sometimes taking several minutes.


      Secondly exporting queries to excel is also very slow, across the WAN exporting a single week of Incident tickets (~1600) is taking ~6 minutes, from the LAN it's still ~3 minutes. Before we upgraded to 7.5 this took less than 30 seconds. An entire years worth of Incident tickets didn't take 6 minutes to export.


      Thirdly, I was using bulk action to set a field on some of the Analysts to put the Internal Company Name on their user record as I will be doing for End Users that don't have this field set. When using the bulk action it set them all to concurrent license type instead of Named. I added the User License type to the window but this is a read only field so I cannot set it correctly which means bulk action cannot be used for this. I have up to 2 thousand records that need updating this way and without the ability for bulk action due to this issue it's going to be very difficult.


      Has anyone else experienced these issues and are there any workarounds for them?


      Many Thanks,


      Anthony Mitchell

      The AA