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    XenServer, XenDesktop, and LANDesk - How can I get them all to work well with each other!?


      Ok, to preface this our LANDesk environment has been in place for a long time, we are running LD9 SP2 currently but will be looking at SP3 at some point in the near future.  The problem that I am encountering is with our XenDesktop and XenServer environments and having them show up in LANDesk.  I will start with what we're encountering with XenDesktop.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated since I've been dealing with this for about 8 months now and still can't get it to work right.




      I was tasked by a group to determine a way that they could see who was logged in to a desktop in addition to remote controlling the desktop without requesting permission.  After digging around and trying a few things with WinRM and the Desktop Director, I finally decided that the best alternative would be LANDesk.  Our XenDesktops are all using Citrix Provisioning Services and thus are read only images each with a static amount of storage allocated to each machine on the XenServer.  Through creative scripting I capture the UniqueID registry entries from the device at shutdown, and through a conditional scheduled task I then reimport the entries from static storage on start up.  The problem I encounter is two fold.  Either the desktop creates a duplicate in the inventory database with the incorrect data, or it will retain the data but respond with an error message at remote control about it not being managed by our core.  I have went so far as to perform a quiet full sync scan at logon to try and remedy this, but it still occurs.  Has anyone had success in deploying LANDesk agents on provisioned XenDesktops?  I have researched this so many times but have not found much in the way of assistance. 




      I know LANDesk has the ability to communicate with the web interface of an ESX sever, but does it have any capabilities of communicating with a XenServer?  I doubt that it does due to the way that XenServer is designed, but I was just curious if there was some kind of connector.  Thought that if there was a way to maybe have the virtual hosts recognized, there might be a way to tie the XenDesktops IDs there to a UniqueID and then be able to manage them that way. 


      I would rather it not come down to this, but if it does I can remove the LANDesk Agent or configure it only for the image master for XenDesktop. 


      Again, any help would be greatly appreciated by myself, and by anyone else that may be researching the same thing.


      Thank you