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    Printing of Service Desk Tickets


      This has been a pain our side for some time now, but I finally thought about posting something and see if anyone has a solution.  When we print our tickets, it doesn't print it in it's entirety.  How can we modify what is printed?


      Thank you,

      Tammy Bowley

      Tower Federal Credit Union

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          Hi Tammy,


          It actually depends on how your requesting the print.  If you are in the windows client, it's considered a Crystal Report and you need to update the report with a Crystal Reports clent.


          If you are using the web client (Web Access), there are two printing versions.  The first, if you are using the print button, it basically a screen shot printing from the browser.


          The second option with the web client is the print button set up with Karen's document which I think is this one.  http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-21766


          These are also Crystal Reports, but seperate from the Windows set of reports, whic I think is explained in the doc.


          Karen may pipe in on this thread to clarify...

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            karenpeacock SupportEmployee



            I am not sure what version you are on Tammy but I would recommend that if you aren't already on 7.5 SP1 that you should look into moving to this.  In 7.5 SP1 work was done in order to try to improve the print output from the browser print (which is indeed what the Print button does).  This is listed in the 7.5SP1 issues fixed guide under 4728 "Clicking the print button in Web Desk doesn't show the full contents of multi-line text fields".


            In addition, Brian is right that you can setup a Report button using the link which he posted and this uses Crystal reports to print out the information instead of using your browser print.  This report is what is also used if you click the print button from within Console.  You have more control over the formatting of this report and you also have the benefit of pulling in information which isn't currently on the screen if you like.  The downside being that you need to learn a little about Crystal reports in order to amend the report.  We have some getting started guides available from this page which may be helpful if you decide to pursue this route: Running reports in WebAccess - Self Service / Web Desk ("View Report" button)




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