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    HTML field missing




      We had this issue 18 months ago and I can't for the life of me remember what the fix was.  It was definitely a PC issue rather than a LANDesk issue.


      On our Article window we have a Workaround field which is html.  For 1 user this is now not displaying (it was last week!), what they see is the label "Workaround" but no associated field there's just a blank space on the window.  Also the label Workaround is showing as though it's a hyperlink, in blue and underlined but when you click it nothing happens.


      User is on a Windows 7 PC.  I'm certain it was a really simple fix, something dead silly but cannot remember what.  Think it was Lara or Nathan that had sorted it for us the last time (just in case either is looking at community ) but has anyone come across this and knows what to do?





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          Hi Helen,


          I don't know if it was me or Nathan that helped but I think the problem is down to the version of Service Desk console that's installed. If it's a 32x machine but you've deployed console via One Touch from a 64x server then you're liekly to see issues like this. We've addressed the problem (P4516) in the 7.5 Service Pack 1 but the quick way to resolve it is to install console on the affected machine directly from the media rather than via One Touch.





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            Yes, it's all come flooding back now Lara!!  Thanks

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              MJ2718 Apprentice

              We had the same issue and found it was caused simply by running the 32bit (x86) version of the console on a 64bit pc.  HTML field displays fine in the 64bit version.