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    Boot to Managed WinPE fails


      I'm trying to create a "zero touch" template for migrating from XP to W7. Environment is LD 9.0 SP3.


      I'm following LD doc 10127...




      Each individual step work OK, but when you try to combine the first 3steps (Capture Profile, boot to WinPE, Deploy Windows 7) into a single template, it always fails after booting to WinPE.


      I tried doing the normal Reboot option and the Boot to Managed WinPE option. Both failed after booting to WinPE (see error message below).


      I have also tried differenent settings for the Boot Environment and the Target OS with no success.




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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



          Any more info in the c:\ldprovision\ldprovision.log file?



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            Hi Frank,


            The provisioning log shows everything is normal, the last line in the log is the reboot command, which is successfully completes. When it comes up in WinPE and continues with the provisioning script, I get the error. The error looks to me like provisioning is expecting to be in a different environment. The Boot Environment of the template is "Not applicable", I think I'll try "WinPE" and see what happens.



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              Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

              Ah, yes, it does have to be on WinPE... That might be the whole problem :)



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                After (way to much) trial and error, I found a combination that works. Set the Capture Profile template to "Boot to Managed WinPE" as the last action. Then set the template properties as follows..


                                                                                Boot environment             Target OS:

                Capture Profile Template                     WinPE                               Not Applicable

                Deploy W7 Image Template                WinPE                               Windows 7                 

                Combined Template                             WinPE                               Windows 7


                A couple of the tasks show up in the provisioning history as not completed, even though they did, and the job reports successful.