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    Hardware Independent Imaging (LD


      I am trying to setup and use HII, as discussed in multiple forums. My issue is this: When I select Operating System Deployment, and select the "Manage Driver Library for Hardware-Independent Imaging" Icon, it brings me to verification for the Root UNC and Root Web path and URL's and then closes. I am unable to see the box to allow me to add drivers (Audio, Video) etc.


      I've attached the HII quick start guide pulled from Landesk, and I can not get to "Step 4", that box never appears.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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          I'm going to admit that after upgrading to SP3, I also am struggling with updating the HII driver base.  First, make sure the UNC and the URL (browse IIS 'Role' in 2008R2 Server manager) entries are resolving properly with no error messages. Click save to exit and the Driver List Update Progress Dialog will display. It's a little slow, 2-3 minutes, with 87 drivers imported while on LD9.0 SP2.  And that's the point where we both are stuck -stumped- and not getting the Dialog with the 'Add' button.  Using DISM is an option for our wim images, however HII would allow for more selective driver injections.

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            In addition to my previous attempts to resolve this issue, I have configured the Core server as the Preferred server (Really? This couldn't be avoided in code?), set the Preferred server scope to, AND configured the HTTP://.../files folder the Source configuration, making sure all Read and Write access permissions were valid.  The HII Driver Repository Manager button does not do anything but process pre-existing drivers, no 'new driver' dialogs are displayed.

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              FOUND IT! THE ANSWER IS:  Landesk doesn't make a distinction with the SP3 notes that importing the drivers no longer requires the overhead of manually identifying device or manufacturer info, the HII in SP3 uses WMI and device IDs to install drivers during imaging.

              There is no need to import via the HII Driver Manager dialog (LD 9.0 SP3 obsoleted its usage) you only need to import your drivers into the driver folder, In a Dell shop, EXPAND.EXE your Enterprise CABs into the drivers folder and run the manager icon to detect/import the new drivers into the HII database.  You're done!

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                You're correct, I found it shortly after as well. Thanks.