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    Resolution Lists and Ticket Templates


      Hi All


      I wonder if I can pick all your brains in terms of some changes I have been asked to see if can be done in Service Desk (we are running 7.4).


      When resolving a ticket we have a std list of services and then an additional list for the actual resolution both are not linked and I was wondering if there is a way to have different lists show for different services? (I've added a screenshot to show what I'm talking about)


      The other thing was using a specific template when choosing a Category when either fully logging a ticket or from Triage without over writting the info the user has entered? or is there a way to have a pop up box with a set list of questions?


      I have the feeling both are going to need consultancy but if anyone out there has implemented this or can give me some guideance that would be great as I have to give an answer by friday


      Thanks for your help/ideas



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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          I'd have to think about the first question a bit but hopefully I can help with the 2nd.


          If you want a "suggested questions" box to show when a category is chosen what you can do is in your Incident Category object created a String for "Suggested Questions".  Then add that attribute to your category window form.  Once that is in place open the category which you wish to have the questions and enter the text into the suggested questions field.  Now on your Incident window, add the Category --> Suggested Questions attribute to the window.  This should allow that to populate automatically on the form when that category is chosen.


          I hope this makes sense and helps some


          This could be helpful too: