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    Pre-condition to check for mandatory fields or windowed action

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      I'm trying out Andy's solution here and have a couple of thoughts:




      It seems like if you have a windowed action then you are doubling up on the opening of a main incident window to edit the details.


      If a call is 'In Review' you would then open it up to complete the mandatory data and save and close. The next action that you have would be the 'Complete Mandatory Fields' action which would pop up the window again. I was using a windowless action but wanted to use a precondition to check for mandatory fields rather than having to click an extra action.


      I understand why I can't use a precondition now but wondered if there was a way around having to click another button that would say something like 'Incident Details Complete' It Just seems like extra clicks that can be forgotten


      Thanks guys


      Screenshot below


      In Review problem.JPG

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          I did a rather neat "conditional mandatory" for one of my customers recently.


          I created a multiline string (-1) field on the main business object (ie Incident) and setup a calculation on it that would report back on incompleted mandatory checks.   Basically the calculation did its magic and would write back a line for each item missing.  I was checking not only attributes missing on the main form but also collection (optional) actions that needed to be added too.  The output would look something like:



          Please complete the following mandatory features.

          Main Form: 

               1.   Scheduled Date

               2.   Affected CI

          Task Collection

               1.  Authorisation Task(s) not created



          Text above just builds via the Calculation...


          When all mandatory checks are complete the text would read...



          All Mandatory Checks Complete!



          Then all you need to do is create a standard condition that checks the attribute for the piece of text you've used (ie in my example "All Mandatory Checks Complete!")  then use that in a precondition in the process.


          In my process I used to make a SUBMIT action available once the checks were OK but I cant see any reason why you couldn't have an auto move on to another status.


          It works really well (make sure you get the dependencies right in the calc though)  and via the calculation you can do some great stuff.  Conditional mandatories etc ie if field A = "X" then field "Y" is mandatory.






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            jasoncadman Expert

            Nice thinking!


            I've got the basic calculation working well based on:


            if field A IS NOT NULL and field B IS NOT NULL value is 'mandatory details complete' else 'mandatory details incomplete'


            Condition Mandatory Fields.JPG


            The problem now is that the precondition doesn't seem to evaluate it as it will not move the process on to the open status. It will though if i edit the mandatory field and save again


            I've spoken to support and apparently this is a bug. Are you one 7.5 SP1 Julian?