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    Machines disappearing from Inventory


      We have around 900 laptops, however about 80% of our users are remote and almost never connect to our corperate network. We have LDMS 9SP3, a Management Gateway, and the agent has been installed on all the laptops. There are just over 300 machines showing up in inventory. I've just started this job and although I have LANDesk experience I have NO experience with the Management Gateway and with Remote users.


      I need to figure out why these machines are not running scans/connecting and what I can do to ensure that these machines will continue to be monitored. Can someone point me in the right direction?



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          OK. First, if machines are disappearing you have Inventory set to delete old machines. In the console on the Core, go to Configure - Services, and on the Inventory tab change 'Days to Keep Scans' to 0 to disable this feature. This is a nice feature, but if your agents aren't working, then in your environment you have a major issue.


          Second, you need to be working out if your agents are functional via the gateway so you are either going to need to configure a system to test on or get your hands on a device that has gone missing.


          Main things to be checking:


          • Is the client getting a certificate?
            • For clients to communicate via your gateway brokerconfig.exe needs to be run on them
            • How is this being done? Is it a manual process when you build machines, is it embedded in the client configuration, is it something sent after agent configuration?
          • Test a configured machine and one you configure
            • If you connect it on the internet, is it able to connect if you manually launch an inventory scan?
          • Is the gateway running?
            • If you haven't already, reboot it
            • Check the gateway settings via Configure - Management Gateway
              • Test them
          • Look at your agent configuration to find out how it is configured to be sending inventory updates
            • Is it set to send on a certain frequency?
            • Is it set to send on IP change?
            • Does it have randomised delays (sometimes this gets in the way if users have a tendency to only connect for short periods)
          • Look at the gateway setup docs on the community
            • If things just aren't working, step through the setup docs and check all of the items that it says should be setup and make sure thay have been in your environment


          A few things to check, I'm sure others might suggest some more. In simpe terms, start from the assumption that it might work so test it manually. If it doesn't then step through a successful setup and find out what is missing.


          Hope this helps.


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            Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

            In addition to all the excellent advice Mark gave you, also watch that when you have configured your duplicate device detection under Configure - Services - Inventory to match on MAC addresses that laptops that might still connect thorugh a VPN connector often share the same MAC address generated by the VPN software. This can also cause disappearing devices. For logging the devices that get deleted by the "Days to keep..." setting, go in the same Inventory tab to Advanced and set the Log purged devices setting on 1. A log will be generated in the LDLog share that keeps track of which devices will be deleted.



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              Great suggestions guys, thanks.


              Keep em coming!